Boxing Revo Tracker
Boxing Revo Tracker
Boxing Revo Tracker

Boxing Revo Tracker

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A NEW TRAINING EXPERIENCE: The Revo-tracker boxing is developed entirely in Italy with innovative technology by the IT team Revogen and Green Hill, a leading company in boxing and combat sports.

PRECISE DATA: the sensor connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and through the Revogen App provides precise data on each workout. Your phone monitor displays a variety of performance data such as Instant Shot Count, Round Strokes, Training Total Strokes, Strokes Per Minute, Average Strength, Strongest Strokes, Inter-Stroke Rate, Colors, and Consumed.

PROGRAMS: within the App you will find classic and pre-set workouts such as repetitions, programs with 3 and 2-minute rounds, cardio workouts, or you can create customized workouts by deciding work times, recovery times and the number of rests .

STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: in a dedicated page of the Revogen App you can view the workouts made over the weeks and the performance in each individual workout, all displayed through the statistical graphs.

PRODUCT: sensor (dimensions 5cm x 8cm) of movement capable of counting and monitoring the hits inflicted on a bag. 

REVOGEN APP: downloadable for free from PlayStore.

WIDE FIXING BAND: The sensor comes with a wide elastic band that fixes it stably to the bag, long-lasting internal battery, USB battery charger, instructions and dedicated technical support staff. Packaged in a practical bag to be taken to the gym or wherever you want.

COMPATIBILITY: the sensor is compatible with all Android operating systems (from January also with iPhone) The bags are compatible with diameter 35cm, 30cm both hanging and on the ground. The bag of any weight or height is displayed by the sensor through a calibration.


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